Muir Woods & Sausalito Tour

This tour begins in the morning and starts off with a complimentary hotel pick up in San Francisco and a photo stop at the Golden Gate Bridge. For two hours, you'll be gazing up into the forest's canopy at Muir Woods, surrounded by Coastal Redwood Sequoia trees. Don’t get a sore neck, these are some of the tallest trees in the word! Make sure you also appreciate the sights and smells down on the ground. During December, the heart of the Salmon breeding season, you may even get to see Salmon forging their way up-stream to spawn and end their life cycle. In May it’s a race against time as the fingerling salmon hurry to get out to sea before the reducing water flow allows the waves to close off the mouth of the creek. Take it easy and stroll along the mostly flat valley floor along Redwood Creek, or get an aerobic workout climbing the paths up the valley slopes so you can look out at the tops of some of the tallest trees in the world. There will then be a stop in Sausalito for lunch before we head back to San Francisco. Pick-up from hotels in Downtown San Francisco and Fisherman Wharf area only.

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